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8 Creative Ways to Work Out with Kids at Home

8 Creative Ways to Work Out with Kids at Home

I was thinking about my workouts today and how difficult it can be when I have both kids at home. I have definitely had to improvise a little so that I can get my workouts in.

Here are my eight ways to work out when I have kids at home.


  1. Workout during their nap time.

So far, this works pretty well for me. When my daughter sleeps in the afternoon, I typically start an exercise video and let my son roll around on the floor while I work out.


  1. Make them a part of the workout.

My daughter likes to take turns doing what I’m doing. It slows me down a little, but she loves to imitate the movements and giggle at me when I look silly, which is ALL the time!


  1. Workout while they are asleep at night.

I sometimes use wireless headphones when my kids are asleep so that I can work out without waking them up. My kids are both light sleepers, which makes it tough to do anything when they are asleep. I look absolutely ridiculous with the headphones on, but at least my kids stay asleep!

For those who are new parents, seriously, take the advice you’re given. If you tiptoe around your kids when they are babies, it will NEVER stop! I wish I would have listened.


  1. Go on walks/runs as a family.

We go on family walks quite often so we tend to get a lot of use from our double stroller and our hiking packs. We typically walk around our neighborhood with the stroller during the week with stops at the park to play. We also love to take hiking trips on the weekends. Both of our kids ride in a carrier, which makes the workout much harder.


  1. Do exercises while you are doing daily activities.

I use an electric toothbrush that stays on for about two minutes, and I use that time to do squats. I typically do regular squats during the first minute or so and then I switch to plie squats (feet angled outward and legs apart) for the rest of the time.

You could also do exercises while you watch television, cook, clean the house (as if that isn’t work enough already), work, etc. Calf raises, squats and jogging in place are a few of my favorites! There is always a way to make it work if you try!


  1. Use your child.

Either let them participate if they are old enough or use them as part of the workout. My son loves it when I use him as a weight during crunches and lunges. I get to see his big smile and work out at the same time. It’s definitely a win-win!


  1. Go to the park.

I don’t know about you, but if I take my daughter to the park, I have to chase her the entire time. I am usually winded by the time we leave because she never stops running. I usually know I worked out when my fitbit counts it as exercise activity. This definitely registers on my fitbit!


  1. Have a dance party.

Some days I turn the music up really loud, and my daughter and I jump around and dance for as long as she’s willing. Disco is our current favorite! She also loves any toddler music, especially ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes…’ That song is always on repeat in our house! By the end of our dance parties, I’m usually sweating and out of breath. It’s a great cardio workout, and we both have a blast!


I would love to hear about any other ways that you keep up with workouts with kids at home. Any idea that allows you to succeed with your fitness goals is a good idea!


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