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Fitness Goals – Week 2 Recap

Fitness Goals – Week 2 Recap

This week has been a little harder. I made it through, but it has been difficult. I know their called fitness goals for a reason, but I would really love to actually meet them!

Both of my kids have been sick. I feel like I live at their pediatrician’s office lately. It is really tough for me to focus on my workouts when I have sick babies, but I powered through the week.

I am proud of myself considering how crazy things have been. Needless to say, I’m exhausted…

On the bright side, my kids are on the mend, and my body is beginning to show some results. Two weeks down, and my clothing already fits me differently. There’s no motivation like being able to wear your favorite clothes and look good in them again!

Here is a recap of the workouts I did this week.


Cardio Workout*

Pilates – Body Slimming*

Fitbit: 8,948 steps



Pilates – Total Body*

Fitbit: 7,795 steps



Pilates – Abs* & Butt*

Fitbit: 7,162 steps



Pilates – Total Body* & Body Slimming*

Pilates – Thighs*

Fitbit: 8,316 steps



Pilates – Abs & Butt*

Fitbit: 8,867 steps



Cardio Workout*

Pilates – Legs* & Abs*

Fitbit: 7,390 steps



Rest Day

Fitbit: 9,122 steps


*You can refer to the Blogilates Beginners Calendar 2.0 for the specific videos.



Goal #1: Workout at least 20 minutes a day on 5 different days per week. Check!

Goal #2: Walk at least 8,000 steps per day. Still working on meeting this one daily. New plan: I must include more cardio in my workouts to meet this goal. This is driving me crazy! It’s such an easy goal, and I am just not meeting it often enough.

Goal #3: Include my kids in at least one workout per week. Check!



With my kids being sick, time is an even bigger concern than it was last week. They are not sleeping well at night so wanting to stay up late to workout is getting harder and harder. Sleep sounds so good!

I know I need a certain amount of sleep per night to stay healthy, but I also want to make my workouts a priority. That balance is becoming a constant inner struggle. I need to increase the hours in a day from twenty-four to twenty-eight! If I could, I definitely would!

I just need to carve out more time during the day to workout and include my children in the workouts a little more.

As of the end of this week, I am beginning to have trouble with my right shoulder. To recap from my fitness background, I had surgery on my left shoulder about four years ago. That shoulder has no issues whatsoever. However, I knew when I had that surgery that there was a possibility that my other shoulder would give me the same problems in time. Well, here’s hoping that is not what’s happening.

I’m just trying to take it day by day right now. I am still doing all of the workouts, but I am modifying some of the Pilates moves so that less pressure is placed on my arm during certain movements.

I hope you all have a great start to your week! I’ll keep you updated as I move along my journey.

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