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Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Fitness Lover

Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Fitness Lover

I was looking through a few gift guides today and realized that I rarely find anything on the guides that I would want. So I decided to create one of my own filled with items that I would love to receive for Mother’s Day. In essence, this is my own personal wish list. No, seriously…if you saw my Amazon wish list, most of these items were on the list at one time or another.

Keep in mind that this gift guide will not suit everyone. Make sure you know that the woman in your life is a fitness lover before you give her these gifts. It could be misconstrued as a suggestion, which would not go over very well. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…


Fitbit Flex

I absolutely love my Fitbit Flex. I have had it for over three years, and it still works! It tracks my steps, exercise, distance gone and sleep habits. When I use it with the Fitbit App, I am able to set silent alarms, reminders, count calories, track my weight and participate in challenges with the Fitbit Community. It is a must have for any fitness lover!

Pictured: Fitbit Flex Fitness Wristband Price Range: $65 – $80 (depending on color, style and version)



I just recently stumbled upon kettlebell workouts, and I am super excited to try them out! Kettlebell workouts work both cardio and strength training so they give you a great workout in a short amount of time. They are fun, complex and challenging so any fitness lover would be ecstatic to give these a try! It’s best for any woman starting out to begin with a 8kg kettlebell and move up from there as you get stronger.

Pictured: Rep Fitness Kettlebells for CrossFit with LB and KG Markings Price Range: $20 – $150


Water Bottle

This is always a must have for any workout. Water bottles have come a long way over the years so yes, a water bottle can be a present! Size, durability and looks are all factors here, which is why I love this CamelBak water bottle. It comes in great colors, too!

Pictured: CamelBak Chute .75L Water Bottle Price Range: $12 – $15


Gym Bag

A gym bag is an essential item for any gym goer. I work out mainly at home so I only use a gym bag when I go to a class at the gym. The great thing about gym bags, and this one in particular, is that they can double as a day trip duffel bag. It’s the perfect size to fit all the items I need for my two children.

Pictured: Coreal Lightweight Duffel Sport Gym Bag Price Range: $20 – $30


I am also in love with this Nicaragua Active Bag from Activyst, but it is currently sold out. It is a bright, fun and spacious bag. Activyst also donates 10% of their profits to promoting girls’ sports and physical activity programs so you can do a little good while buying a great bag! Price Range: $100 – $140



As we head into the summer months, sandals are popping up everywhere. I love sandals that add to my capabilities instead of taking away. Sandals that are meant for activity and the outdoors are always my go to so I absolutely love these sandals. They are durable, good for adventuring whether it’s on a sidewalk or a hiking trail and they come in cute colors. Better still, they won’t cause foot problems!

Pictured: Chaco Z/2 Classic Sandals – Women’s Price Range: $105



Wireless headphones are a definite must for me. I can’t work out without them! The one thing I always look for in headphones is good value with good sound that will stay in place. These will do just that!

Pictured: SENSO Bluetooth Headphones Price Range: $36 – $40


If you think she would prefer something a little simpler, the Yurbuds Inspire Sport Earphones are the perfect choice. These are a more traditional earbud style, and they stay in place better than just about any earbud on the market! Price Range: $18 – 30


Yoga/Pilates Mat

I absolutely love doing Pilates so this is definitely on my list! A good exercise mat is really important when working out on a hard floor, but it is also important to provide support for your body. Thickness, material and functionality all come into play here. I also require a carry strap that also allows me to roll it up and carry it easily. This mat is a good choice for those on a budget, and it comes in fun colors!

Pictured: Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga and Pilates Mat Price Range: $18 – $25



Socks! Really? Yes, really! There’s nothing worse for a hiker than to have socks that are hot, too thick and/or are breaking down. I am very picky about the socks I wear when hiking, and I absolutely love these! They are breathable, lightweight, durable and fun! That is a recipe for hiking success!

Pictured: Darn Touch Light Hiker Micro Crew Socks – Women’s Price Range: $12 – $20

*Prices may not always be accurate as they tend to fluctuate over time.

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