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Fear of Rest Days

Fear of Rest Days

There’s something about a designated rest day that makes me nervous. Tons of thoughts are currently going through my head. I guess I feel like I’m going to miss something or suddenly gain five pounds or lose the progress I’ve been making.

I know it has only been three weeks, but I’m doing really well with sticking to my fitness plan and goals. It’s rare when that happens, and I don’t want to mess it up.

I know I need rest days to regroup, let my body heal and enjoy a little more relaxation, but they scare me. Rest days have always scared me. Any time I would miss gymnastics practice or just have a day off, I would try to work out as much as possible at home to make up for it.

I still do the same thing now. I keep looking through videos that I could do today that wouldn’t interfere with the Blogilates calendar I’m working through. Each time I find something, I have to stop myself and remember why I shouldn’t work out today. I SHOULDN’T WORK OUT TODAY! Maybe writing it will help me to stick to it…

I know it has to do with control, and the fact that I’m an uber control freak. Working out is something I can control, and I am in need of some control today.

It has been a crazy day. We tried a store run and ended up being the family that everyone stares at with a screaming child. We ate McDonald’s for lunch, which was not in the plan for my rest day. Of course we eat terribly on the one day I’m not supposed to work out. It always seems to work that way. My kids are refusing to nap, again…man I wish I could take a nap! Working out today would help me to have a little bit of peace, but I know I should wait. It’s only one day…

One day seems like forever to me. Of course, I really don’t want to burn out, and I’m afraid that might happen if I keep going without any breaks. I guess I just want so badly to be fit and healthy. I want to be able to wear shorts this summer.

I live in Texas. It is an absolute must to get through the one-hundred degree heat. I would also love to put on a swimsuit this summer for the first time in five years. It’s always really hard to watch other people do something you’re afraid to do. I wish I had more confidence. It’s coming, but for me, it takes time.

So, on a day like today, when all I can think about is keeping up with my progress, it’s really hard to just stop and rest. I know I need to, but mentally, it’s challenging! I’ll hang in there though.

Until next time…I hope you all have a great week!

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