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Fitness Journey – Bumps and Potholes

Fitness Journey – Bumps and Potholes

Ever feel like life just keeps getting in the way? You know, no matter where you turn, you just keep getting hit by road blocks? That’s how I feel right now. I started on this fitness journey close to four weeks ago, and until now, it has been going pretty well. I’ve had motivation, eagerness to keep going and I have felt great for the most part.

Now, things have changed. I’m still motivated and excited to be able to work out, but I am having issues with old injuries that are making workouts much more difficult. For starters, my shoulder started giving me trouble. I rested it for a few days by modifying some of the Pilates movements, and it seems to be doing a lot better.

That was followed by pain in my left Achilles tendon. Trouble as in sharp pain and popping every time my foot moves. Thankfully, Pilates does not require much use of my foot, but this has put a dent in some of my cardio workouts. I’m just trying to do exercises that get my heart rate up with jumping or running until it feels better.

In addition to that, I am struggling with back spasms at the moment. I am trying to rest as much as I can, but I still have to take care of two very young children all day long. Every time I lift one of them, I really feel it.

The last few nights I have been stuck sitting on the couch with the heating pad so it’s safe to say I’m not having too much fun. I am attempting Pilates workouts, but I have to stop anytime I feel like it is going to spasm, which is often. So much for a fitness journey…

I know it may seem like I complain and whine a lot, but I really do have a high pain tolerance. I went through twenty-eight hours of labor with my daughter before I received medicine, and the whole process took over thirty-six hours before she was taken via emergency C-section. Suffice to say, I’m having some bodily concerns right now that do hurt, which is probably due to my lack of working out over the past several years. Maybe I just did too much too fast.

It is hard for me every time this happens. I tend to think back to my childhood and the nine years of gymnastics spent popping Advil like it was nothing because something was always hurting. I had good experiences and bad ones while in gymnastics. The worst was by far the fact that it was taboo to tell my coaches that I was hurt or having a problem.

That is definitely not the norm. I love the sport, and I think it has gotten a bad rap over the years. For the most part, I think coaches care and really watch out for their athletes. My experiences were just a little different.

When I hurt my Achilles and ended up quitting the sport, I told my coach that I was in severe pain after completing a tumbling pass. He ignored me and told me to do it again as I limped back to the edge of the floor. When I landed the tumbling pass that followed, I fell to the ground in agony. I knew I was hurt, and even then, he didn’t really seem to care.

Chalk it up to the fact that adults don’t always listen to twelve years old kids or the fact that many of my teammates were always trying to make excuses to get out of doing things. Regardless, that ended my gymnastics career and took months to recover from.

Stories like that are difficult for me to look back on because I know, at thirty, I should not have the bodily issues that I have. Everything aches. I have arthritis in many different joints. My joints pop and creek as I walk. My career as a burglar was over before it began! LOL! I will probably have hip replacement surgery before the age of fifty, and that’s not a joke. Let’s just hope it’s not both hips! Yikes!

All this being said, I am still motivated on this fitness journey, and I am anxious to really get back at it. It’s hard to hit bumps, more like potholes, in the road when you want something so badly, but perseverance is important in all things. I am just trying my best to keep my spirits up and stay motivated. I know my body will heal in time, and I am excited to still be working out even if it’s a little less than I would like.

This week has placed me into a more reflective state of mind, and that’s not always a bad place to be when you’re chasing a goal. In the words of Dory, “Just Keep Swimming!”, and that’s just what I’m going to do.

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