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Fitness Goals Reboot

Fitness Goals Reboot

So, yes…that happened. Two months in, and I stopped my workout program. The reasons are unimportant, but this leads me to my long awaited reboot!

If only it were this easy! I wish I could just flip the energy switch to ‘On’ and presto! Unfortunately, that’s not real life.

Sometimes I wonder what my eighteen year old self would tell me right now. Probably something along the lines of “Wow! You got old!” I guess that’s why we can’t meet our younger selves. I would probably be awful to myself.

Life is crazy busy these days. I feel like I’m always chasing a goal, and the finish line keeps moving. It’s like a cruel joke!

Perhaps that’s because I don’t sleep much with two kids under three. My mental capabilities really suffer when I lack sleep, and everything takes me three times longer to do. I swear I can’t complete one coherent thought without my brain wandering these days.

This is what I look like! Okay, maybe this is what I feel like I look like all the time. (except, I’m a woman.)

Just add some bags under the eyes that look like black eyes and we’re there.

It’s not just now though. Why on earth do young people take sleep for granted?

I seriously can’t get my kids to take naps these days! I envy their sleep options. What I wouldn’t give for thirteen hours of uninterrupted sleep.

In college, I rarely slept. I was the queen of all-nighters! I was obsessed with getting good grades so I never slept.

Before kids, I did the same thing. Dang Netflix! You have stolen my sleep by your endless supply of shows to binge watch.

(No, that is not my living room in case you’re wondering. I like it though!)

The point is that life is crazy, and it just gets crazier!

I watched a small portion of the latest American Ninja Warrior episode last night, and I just don’t get it. I love the show, and I am inspired by each and every person that trains for it. I just don’t understand how they find the time to train!

These people have families, jobs, full lives and they still find time to train. What’s wrong with me?

This is me! I’m the Laptop Ninja!

To some degree, this is probably everyone at some point, but it’s definitely what I feel like the most often.


Back to the point! It is reboot time!

So here are my newest goals.

  1. Workout – Make at least 5, 20 minutes workouts a week.
  2. Think Positive – A change in mindset is just what I need right now.
  3. Focus on my Health – Eating a healthy diet, staying away from caffeine and getting enough sleep are all on the agenda.
  4. Vary the Workout Options – Pilates is great, but doing the same moves every day can lead to problems. I have to branch out!
  5. ‘Me’ Time – Make time for at least 1 hour of ‘me’ time each week. This will help me to stay focused.

I’ll check in once a week to post an update on my progress. I know this reboot will be successful! (One of my goals is to think positive so I have to say that! LOL!)

Fun Random Fact: My son just figured out how to do a sit-up on the changing table. Diaper changes just got more difficult! Maybe he’s trying to encourage me!

Until next time…

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