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Fitness Goals Reboot

Fitness Goals Reboot

So, yes…that happened. Two months in, and I stopped my workout program. The reasons are unimportant, but this leads me to my long awaited reboot! If only it were this easy! I wish I could just flip the energy switch to ‘On’ and presto! Unfortunately, […]

Fitness Goals – Week 5 Recap

Fitness Goals – Week 5 Recap

As I’m sitting down to write the recap of my fitness goals progress, I am encouraged that the hard weeks are behind me. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, then you should take a look at my week three and four recaps. Let’s […]

7 Reasons I’m Getting Fit and Healthy

7 Reasons I’m Getting Fit and Healthy

My fitness journey began several weeks ago, and I just realized that I never mentioned why I wanted to get fit and healthy. Reasons are everything because they are the motivators that keep me going. (Blogging is also one of my motivators. You can read more about that here.)

Most of my reasons for trying to get fit and healthy involve my children. It’s weird how you start to close in on thirty and all of the sudden you realize you won’t be around forever. My husband experienced that a year ago, and now, I can relate. It’s disheartening, but it’s a reality that I have to face. My kids will outlive me I hope, but I have to get healthy now so that I can be around as long as possible. That leads to my first reason for getting fit and healthy.


  1. Desire to Watch My Children Grow Up

My children mean the world to me. In my current state, I would consider myself unhealthy, and I don’t know how long I will have without some major medical event happening. I am choosing to better myself by becoming a happier and healthier individual so that I can be there for them.

Age is merely a number until you realize you’ve messed up your health for the last ten years. I can’t imagine the damage I’ve done to my body by barely working out and eating only foods that lack nutritional value. If I want sixty more years with my kids, then I must change.


  1. Get Off the Sidelines

If I’m going to be around for my kids, then I have to be able to keep up with them! I dream of living life fully and taking my children on adventures or just simply playing soccer at the park. I don’t want to live life on the sidelines like I do now.

The summer months are closing in, and I know my kids would love to go swimming. They are too young to swim by themselves so that requires me to get in a bathing suit. I think it has been at least five years since I’ve put on a bathing suit, which is really a feat because I live in Texas. Our summers are HOT and long. Getting fit and becoming a healthier person will help me to feel confident when I do put on that swimsuit. I am telling myself that I will! I owe it to my kids to help them enjoy life!


  1. Heart Disease is a Reality in My Family

My family has a long history with heart disease. My grandfather had four heart attacks and two open heart surgeries. My father had a heart attack in his mid-forties. My aunt had two heart attacks, the first in her thirties, and eventually died from heart failure. This is a scary reality for me. I have to do something to change things NOW! Being proactive has to be a large part of my health picture.


  1. Pregnancy Took a Huge Toll on My Body

First off, I love my kids, and I would do it all over again if needed (and might again someday). They are the greatest blessing in my life! Pregnancy, however, did not suit me very well. Between having hip issues, sciatica and anxiety, it was difficult. Top that off with left over excess skin, weak abs and a very large scar (x2 in the same spot), and it had a damaging impact on my body. I’m ready to give my body the love it deserves!


  1. Regain My Passion for Exercise

It has been a while since I have really focused on myself, and trying to get healthy gives me a sense of purpose in addition to my roles as wife and mom. I strongly believe that every mom and parent needs something that is solely theirs that allows them to remember who they are, and fitness does that for me.

I have always loved fitness. I participated in many different sports all through school and exercised consistently until I got married and entered the business world. (You can find more about my story here.) Life tends to get in the way a bit so after years of missing my love of exercise, I am ready to finally get back at it.


  1. Starting to Feel My Age

‘You only live once’ is a saying that I’m trying to live by these days. I am about to hit thirty, and I am beginning to feel the effects of my age. Certain parts of my body ache and pop more than they used to, and my body doesn’t respond to exercise in the same way as before.

I want to stay healthy and active as I get older so I know I have to make it a priority if I want to stick with it later. Ten years from now, it will be a lot harder for me to begin this fitness journey than it is now. The effort I put in today will help me as the years go. I know I have to focus on my health and fitness right now. YOLO!


  1. Regain Confidence in My Body

This one is a little vain in nature, but it is a reality so it’s important! The more I work out, the better I look. The better I look, the more confidence I have. Confidence is key to enjoying life for me because the more confident I am, the more risks and adventures I’m willing to take on. I am an introvert so, by nature, I tend to shut the world out. I do this more when I lack confidence in myself.

I realize that confidence comes from within, but anything that can help me gain more confidence is a great motivator. When I’m fit and healthy, I am a much happier, healthier and more confident person. That’s the person I want my kids to model themselves after. As I mentioned earlier, I will put on a bathing suit this summer because my kids deserve a mom who is confident enough to do so.


Any reason for wanting to get fit and healthy is a valid one. In my experience, life improves when I set my sights on a goal and stick with it, and that’s just what I’m doing.

I would love to hear about any reasons you have for wanting to get fit and healthy! Leave it in the comments below!


May 2017 Fitness Goals

May 2017 Fitness Goals

With my first month of consistent workouts behind me and a few other concerns in front of me, I am planning to continue with my current fitness goals with a few tweaks. I am seeing results from working out consistently so I am definitely encouraged […]

Fitness Goals – Week 4 Recap

Fitness Goals – Week 4 Recap

This week has been a whirlwind to say the least. I started out meeting my fitness goals, and then, I basically had to stop my workouts due to some health concerns. I began having heart palpitations and chest pain, which sent me to the ER […]

Home Workouts – Steps to Being Successful

Home Workouts – Steps to Being Successful

The idea of home workouts seems to always be easier than the reality. By nature, working out at home is difficult. Finding the time to devote to your workouts and finding workouts that work for you can be challenging, especially if you are starting from scratch like I did.

In my experience, home workouts also require loads of determination because there are always a million other things I could be doing while at home. Add to that the fact that my kids are always at home with me, and it is more than challenging. That being said, I’ve realized that in order to be successful with my home workouts, I have to be prepared.


This is what I did to get myself started with home workouts.


  1. Define Goals

In order to know where to start, I had to determine where I was going. What did I want to accomplish? Did I want to be lean and toned? Ripped and muscular? Able to keep up with my children? Lose weight? Get healthy? The answer to these questions helped me determine the type of exercise to choose.

We all have different fitness goals, and it’s okay to be honest about those goals. I want to build confidence, to get healthier, to regain my love of fitness, to have some “me” time and to be able to wear shorts and a swimsuit this summer! That may sound like a lot, but once I started working out consistently, all of it became possible!

I found that writing my fitness goals on paper and hanging them somewhere helped me to focus more on them each day. The bathroom mirror was my spot of choice!


  1. Explore the Options

In today’s world, workout options are endless. YouTube videos, fitness DVDs/Blu-Rays, complete fitness programs with meal plans, fitness machines in your home, parks, hiking trails, neighborhood streets/sidewalks, boot camp meet-ups, stairs in your home…the list just goes on and on.

Of the many possibilities, there are several different types of workouts including Pilates, Yoga, kettle bell workouts, P90x, Taebo (used to LOVE this!), Zumba, aerobics, dance, Fitbit challenges or pretty much anything I can think of. I like that I can mix it up so that I don’t become bored.

I happen to love Pilates, but I am really starting to take an interest in kettle bell workouts. They look fun to me, and they can work your entire body in just ten minutes!


  1. Spend a Little Money

Yoga and Pilates workouts need a mat. Tennis shoes are necessary for cardio. I found that I couldn’t commit to my workouts if I lacked the appropriate equipment, and any excuse I have makes it easier for me to fail.

I always have to remember that just because I’m working out at home doesn’t mean I can be lax on my safety. I have to wear and use the right stuff!

When I began my home workouts, I realized quickly that my shoes were not going to cut it. They are over three years old, and the support is all but gone. Did I want to pay for new shoes at that moment? NO! Thankfully though, my budget allowed a little bit of flexibility in the miscellaneous category so I was able to get what I needed. It’s amazing how fast my feet stopped hurting once I had some good shoes!


  1. Find Motivation

My children were a good motivator for me since I want to be healthy to watch them grow up. Things like the atmosphere and setting of a fitness program help me a lot. I also love it when workout videos are in bright, colorful spaces or in front of the ocean. Upbeat music and lively instructors also help to pump me up and keep me going. Other motivators include health concerns, weight loss, confidence or just about anything else I can think of.

Without motivation, I know I would surely fail so it’s important for me to remember why I want to get fit.

I even found motivation in starting a blog. I found that if I need to write about my fitness journey, then I have to keep up with my workouts. I can’t write blog posts about my home workouts when I’m not doing any workouts! You can find more about my reason for blogging here.


  1. Remove Thoughts of Perfection

Life happens and gets in the way. I like to let if get me down, but I know that is the worst thing I could do. I just try to do the best I can and keep going! When I work out at home, there are numerous interruptions, and that’s okay. I just know it ahead of time and go with it!

My workouts usually consist of my son rolling under my feet and my daughter waking up from her naps. This is really hard for me because I’m a perfectionist so I don’t like it when things are messy. I have really had to change my expectations to allow me to be comfortable with interruptions. If I can do it though, I know you can do it!


  1. Commit

This probably sounds cliché, but it’s the answer to most people’s workout struggles. Committing to sticking with workouts is a hard thing to do, but if I want it, I must commit. Progress requires hard work!

Failure is Not an Option!” is one of my favorite quotes. (Science nerd here so of course I referenced a popular phrase used by NASA.) I have made this my workout motto. If I don’t give myself the option to fail, then I will succeed. Trying is succeeding! The only way you fail is if you give up!


Good luck with your fitness journey! Just know that I’m rooting for you!

Fitness Journey – Bumps and Potholes

Fitness Journey – Bumps and Potholes

Ever feel like life just keeps getting in the way? You know, no matter where you turn, you just keep getting hit by road blocks? That’s how I feel right now. I started on this fitness journey close to four weeks ago, and until now, […]

Fear of Rest Days

Fear of Rest Days

There’s something about a designated rest day that makes me nervous. Tons of thoughts are currently going through my head. I guess I feel like I’m going to miss something or suddenly gain five pounds or lose the progress I’ve been making. I know it […]

Fitness Goals – Week 2 Recap

Fitness Goals – Week 2 Recap

This week has been a little harder. I made it through, but it has been difficult. I know their called fitness goals for a reason, but I would really love to actually meet them!

Both of my kids have been sick. I feel like I live at their pediatrician’s office lately. It is really tough for me to focus on my workouts when I have sick babies, but I powered through the week.

I am proud of myself considering how crazy things have been. Needless to say, I’m exhausted…

On the bright side, my kids are on the mend, and my body is beginning to show some results. Two weeks down, and my clothing already fits me differently. There’s no motivation like being able to wear your favorite clothes and look good in them again!

Here is a recap of the workouts I did this week.


Cardio Workout*

Pilates – Body Slimming*

Fitbit: 8,948 steps



Pilates – Total Body*

Fitbit: 7,795 steps



Pilates – Abs* & Butt*

Fitbit: 7,162 steps



Pilates – Total Body* & Body Slimming*

Pilates – Thighs*

Fitbit: 8,316 steps



Pilates – Abs & Butt*

Fitbit: 8,867 steps



Cardio Workout*

Pilates – Legs* & Abs*

Fitbit: 7,390 steps



Rest Day

Fitbit: 9,122 steps


*You can refer to the Blogilates Beginners Calendar 2.0 for the specific videos.



Goal #1: Workout at least 20 minutes a day on 5 different days per week. Check!

Goal #2: Walk at least 8,000 steps per day. Still working on meeting this one daily. New plan: I must include more cardio in my workouts to meet this goal. This is driving me crazy! It’s such an easy goal, and I am just not meeting it often enough.

Goal #3: Include my kids in at least one workout per week. Check!



With my kids being sick, time is an even bigger concern than it was last week. They are not sleeping well at night so wanting to stay up late to workout is getting harder and harder. Sleep sounds so good!

I know I need a certain amount of sleep per night to stay healthy, but I also want to make my workouts a priority. That balance is becoming a constant inner struggle. I need to increase the hours in a day from twenty-four to twenty-eight! If I could, I definitely would!

I just need to carve out more time during the day to workout and include my children in the workouts a little more.

As of the end of this week, I am beginning to have trouble with my right shoulder. To recap from my fitness background, I had surgery on my left shoulder about four years ago. That shoulder has no issues whatsoever. However, I knew when I had that surgery that there was a possibility that my other shoulder would give me the same problems in time. Well, here’s hoping that is not what’s happening.

I’m just trying to take it day by day right now. I am still doing all of the workouts, but I am modifying some of the Pilates moves so that less pressure is placed on my arm during certain movements.

I hope you all have a great start to your week! I’ll keep you updated as I move along my journey.

Getting Stronger

Getting Stronger

So, it’s the middle of my second week working out consistently, and I already feel stronger. Today consisted of cardio, Pilates (using Blogilates videos), and stretching, and I really enjoyed it! I feel so much better. My core is stronger already, and it has only […]