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Fear of Rest Days

Fear of Rest Days

There’s something about a designated rest day that makes me nervous. Tons of thoughts are currently going through my head. I guess I feel like I’m going to miss something or suddenly gain five pounds or lose the progress I’ve been making. I know it […]

Fitness Goals – Week 3 Recap

Fitness Goals – Week 3 Recap

Week three…oh, week three. This has been a pretty good week! I completed all of my planned workouts! Yay for fitness goals! The best part is that I felt stronger while doing each of them. Moves that were difficult for me a few weeks ago […]

Rough Day and a Workout

Rough Day and a Workout

Today was a rough day. My workout didn’t go as planned, and it was frustrating. What can I say? Babies don’t always cooperate with my plans.

My workouts are usually the one thing I look to, to relieve stress on the not so good days. They keep me calm and much happier. When that workout stress relief is interrupted multiple times, it just adds to the stress and chaos that is my day.

But that wasn’t all. I also lacked the motivation to work out. Between the day’s activities, children being difficult and getting very little sleep last night, I just wanted to sleep instead of working out. Sleep still sounds so good, though! (I say that as I’m staying up late to write this blog post. Guess that’s a little counter-productive.)

I’m proud of myself though because I persevered through my work out in the midst of the chaos. It was challenging to restart my workout three different times, but I was determined to stick with the plan. I guess that means I actually worked out more? Who knows…

I have gone through so many false starts with fitness programs in the past several years, and I refuse to let this be another one.

Everyone has rough days. I’m actually shocked it’s taken me this long to lose a little motivation. Usually, it happens much sooner so that’s definitely an improvement!

I just keep telling myself that I’m doing this for a reason. It’s about my health, my appearance, my sanity and my family.

Being a role model for my children is not easy. I fail at it every day, but I try. I really want them to see my hard work and how it pays off because that’s a lesson that works for everything in life.

I just have to keep moving forward. One day at a time, one workout at a time until I reach my goals.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a much better day, and I will wake up with renewed motivation. As long as I stay committed, I know I can stay on track.

I just have to remember that I’m doing this for me, for my family and for our future.


Workout Tip: Keep going even when it’s hard. The end result is worth it! Just keep focusing on your goals and where you want to end up. Two months from now, you will be happy that you stuck with it.


Fitness Goals – Week 2 Recap

Fitness Goals – Week 2 Recap

This week has been a little harder. I made it through, but it has been difficult. I know their called fitness goals for a reason, but I would really love to actually meet them! Both of my kids have been sick. I feel like I […]

Getting Stronger

Getting Stronger

So, it’s the middle of my second week working out consistently, and I already feel stronger. Today consisted of cardio, Pilates (using Blogilates videos), and stretching, and I really enjoyed it! I feel so much better. My core is stronger already, and it has only […]

Fitness Goals – Week 1 Recap

Fitness Goals – Week 1 Recap

This week has been a good one. I have completed one full week of workouts, and I’m feeling great! It has been so long since I’ve worked out consistently that I barely know what this feels like. My motivation is going strong, and I love seeing results so quickly! I’m definitely thinking my fitness goals are attainable at this point!

I know that I have a long way to go, but there’s something about staying committed to my workouts that gives me hope. Hope that tomorrow will be a better day. Hope that I will have greater patience and self-control with my kids. Hope that I can finally stick to these workouts like I’ve wanted to so many times before.

I am encouraged to say the least, and that is a great foundation to build on.

Here is a recap of the workouts I did this week.


Pilates – Total Body*

Fitbit: 7,816 steps



Pilates – Abs*

2 Mile Walk (This walk was with my children in the double stroller.)

Fitbit: 9,709 steps



Pilates – Total Body*

Pilates – Butt*

Fitbit: 8,771 steps



Cardio Warm-up* & Workout

Pilates – Inner Thighs* (My son was trying to tackle me throughout this video!)

PopSugar Fitness Workout with Katie Austin

Fitbit: 7,619 steps



Pilates – Total Body*

Pilates – Abs & Butt*

Fitbit: 7,692 steps



Cardio Warmup* & Workout

Pilates – Arms*

Fitbit: 11,129 steps



Rest from Pilates

Fitbit: 7,478 steps


*You can refer to the Blogilates Beginners Calendar 2.0 for the specific videos.



Goal #1: Workout at least 20 minutes a day on 5 different days per week. Check!

Goal #2: Walk at least 8,000 steps per day. Still working on meeting this one daily. It’s amazing to me that this is difficult. It should be easy, and it definitely lets me know that I have to start moving more throughout the entire day, not just during my workouts.

Goal #3: Include my kids in at least one workout per week. Check!



As with any new workout program, I am dealing with soreness. I love being sore even if my husband laughs at me when it hurts to pick up something off the floor. I’m working through it, and each day, it gets a little better.

I’m loving the Pilates workouts, but Pilates causes my hips to pop a little more than I would like. I had several hip injuries from gymnastics when I was younger so my hips tend to give me trouble pretty quickly.

I’m just trying to stay strong, focus on my form and monitor the popping. I am also trying to add in other workouts so that all of my joints have small breaks from similar movements.

Time is definitely becoming a concern. For the first couple of days, I worked out during my kids’ nap times. Now, they have chosen to nap on a different schedule, not that they informed me about this.

Most of my workouts are now done after 10:00 pm, which is a little more difficult. Once my kids are down for the night, there always seems to be something I need to do so I’m really having to focus on my workout first and everything else later.

That’s not typically in my nature as I am very Type-A. I love my to-do lists and checking things off of them, which makes putting things off until later very difficult for me.

Regardless, I am motivated to keep going, and that’s all that matters!


Hope you have a great start to the week!

Blogilates POP Pilates – 8 Reasons Why I Love It!

Blogilates POP Pilates – 8 Reasons Why I Love It!

As a mom of two young children, it’s safe to say that I don’t have the time (or childcare) to go to a physical gym. (If you do, I would love to know how you make it work because for me, it just doesn’t.) So […]

My Reason for Starting a Fitness Blog

My Reason for Starting a Fitness Blog

Today, I found myself wondering if starting a fitness blog was a good idea. Do I have enough to say? Do people have any interest in what I have to say? Who am I to write about a fitness journey? Should I really put my […]

April 2017 Fitness Goals

April 2017 Fitness Goals

This is the first month I am committing to a consistent workout schedule so I am starting with small fitness goals.

My main focus is on just getting some kind of workout in. Life is busy so trying to find time to exercise means getting creative.

Some exercise is better than nothing!


Here are my goals for the month.


Goal #1: Workout at least 20 minutes a day on 5 different days per week

This should be fairly easy, but I am still a little worried. I know there has to be time during the day to do this, but between diaper changes, meals for one child, bottles for another, nap times (and time spent putting kids to sleep), cooking dinner for the family, cleaning and working part-time, I seem to always have something else to do.

I am committed to this so I will make time even if I have to lose a little sleep (not that I get very much to begin with).


Goal #2: Walk at least 8,000 steps per day

This goal goes along with my workouts, but I love tracking my progress! Steps per day is something I have tracked for the past three years, and I am definitely not stopping now.

I love my Fitbit and the Fitbit Aria Scale because they allow me to track my weight, steps progress and sleeping habits without entering it manually.

The silent alarms are also really helpful considering my seven month old still sleeps in our bedroom. He’s an early riser anyways so I definitely could not imagine him waking up a couple hours earlier than he already does.


Goal #3: Include my kids in at least one workout per week

Creativity is going to be really important for this one. Making sure my kids are not getting into trouble will be my first concern.

I am really hopeful though because I think my two year old would love to get involved. She is so energetic and lively. If I had half the energy she has, I’d be bouncing off the walls. Seriously, she is like the energizer bunny! What I wouldn’t give for that energy during workouts.


These goals give me an attainable start. Let’s just hope all goes as planned.

Here’s to working out and getting healthy!


Workout Tip: Just Try! I keep telling myself this one. All I have to do is try, and I can achieve my goals.


My Fitness Journey to Now

My Fitness Journey to Now

My Fitness Past Fitness has always been a big part of my life. I grew up in gymnastics and swimming. I was always fit, and I loved to work out! My dream was always to open a gym with my best friend, but as time went […]